Race Glaze Gloss Highlighter

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Race Glaze Gloss Highlighter is formulated to enhance gloss and protection between Race Glaze polishings. This is the ideal mist and wipe "quick" detailer. It can be used on paint, vinyl trim, plastic, rubber, glass or chrome surfaces. Use regularly to "quick-dust" and give your vehicle a "just polished" feel and look. Race Glaze Gloss Highlighter can remove harmful contaminants before they damage your finish. This unique formula contains no waxes, silicone, oils or hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Cleans-ideal for a quick dust removal
  • Shines-leaves a smooth, high gloss shine.
  • Protects-leaves a water beading finish.
  • Fast & Easy-spray on, wipe off. No hard rubbing or buffing.
  • Safe-will not scratch, streak or smear. 
  • Body shop recommended-contains no silicone, solvents, oils or waxes.
  • Versatile-use on paint, vinyl, rubber, plastic, chrome, glass and trim surfaces.
  • User Friendly-has a pleasant "natural" fragrance. 
  • No film build up. Can be used every day.
  • Economical-one bottle will restore 8-10 full sized vehicles when used as directed.