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Two Bottles Race Glaze LAS Car Wash Solution + 4 Microfibers

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Part Number:RGLASW+2-2
Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash is simply the finest vehicle wash available anywhere at any price. This hyper-concentrate is very economical to use for washing autos, trucks, aircraft and boats. It performs with rich, dense suds - even in hard water.
  • Concentrated - 1 cap per 2.5 gallons of water.
  • Thick, dense foam even in hard water. Floats away soils, abrasives.
  • Totally free rinsing - no streaks.
  • Great cleaning - No harm to surfaces.
  • Neutral pH - Safe for skin contact.
  • Biodegradable, naturally.
  • Pleasant fresh coconut fragrance.
  • Very cost effective to use.
  • Will not strip Race Glaze Polish & Sealant.
  • Simply the best results.

Includes two 16oz bottles of wash plus four of our heavy-duty 16x16 microfibers.

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